Beijing:  Photo Diary

This post has long been overdue– more than year actually. And since I can’t recall the exact details of our trip, let the pictures tell you the story of our Beijing adventure (with a short story at the beginning)

° ° ° °

I’ve always wanted to experience Christmas or New Year in a different country. I’m curious how other cultures celebrate these holidays–how different they are from ours. So far, I’ve experienced Christmas in Malaysia and being a Muslim country you won’t expect any special celebration other than a no-work day and some Christmas decors at the malls.

On December 2015, we decided to celebrate New Year in Beijing. There was a seat sale so we immediately booked it. Days after, I found out about the terrible smog situation in China (cons of not being updated with current events)! I read different articles and news and my heart slowly sank. How can we go there with our little boy? I prayed to God that when we arrive the smog would clear up. Then another thing happened, days before our flight our baby boy got sick; he’s temperature went up to 38.6 degrees Celcius. My husband and I did the best we could to make him feel better before our trip. Few hours before our flight, we kept on monitoring his temperature hoping it would normalized but it didn’t. We got an advise from the airport doctor that it’s better not to bring our baby given that he’s sick and the cold temperature plus the smog situation in Beijing might make his illness worse. I was heartbroken. Leaving the country and not to mention celebrating New Year without him made me tear up. I tried convincing myself that it’s for the better.

Next morning, we arrived at Beijing International Airport. My husband and I went to the hotel, slept and had breakfast until our tour guide fetched us for our tour. Still my heart is aching that our little boy is thousands of miles away from us which is a first! My husband told me that we should just enjoy the tour and there will still be future travels for our family. So I decided to wipe my tears and not count the days until we get back to Manila. That’s when I realized that the sky in Beijing is actually blue compared to the latest photos I’ve been seeing on the internet. Finally, the smog cleared up. I tried not to think about our little boy not being there with the clear blue sky, I just took lots of photos, taking advantage of the beautiful backdrop.

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Temple of Heaven

Cable car to the Great Wall


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