Few Things to do in Baguio

Baguio brings back so many childhood memories. I remember my family and myself going there almost every summer or the BER-months just to relax and escape the noisy and hot Manila; Baguio used to be less crowded and polluted.

I wanted my son to have the same memories in Baguio but planning the trip is quite tricky. Since my husband’s already in Baguio, I have no choice but to travel alone with our 2-year old son. It was a 6.5-hour trip but I survived (read Bus Trip to Baguio)

On our first night, we booked a small room through AirBnb. The place was owned by Koreans but don’t worry because they have assistants who speak Filipino and English. It cost us P964/night with Korean breakfast (stir-fry beef, sunny-side egg, rice and of course, kimchi), even our son had his own but minus the kimchi(no photo,sorry). Downside is you’ll be sharing the bathroom with other guests. (If you’re interested here’s the link: Baguio Room A)

Then we had dinner at Cafe by the Ruins, one of the famous restaurants in Baguio because of the ambiance, food and its history. Food there were all natural and organic. We ordered the local dish Pinikpikan (Cordillera ritual chicken soup with salted pork), Cafe’s Leche Flan and crepe with chocolate syrup for dessert. The Pinikpikan was just okay for me, the dessert, on the other hand, was heaven!

Photo not mine. Click here for source.
Photo not mine. Click here for source.
Photo not mine. Click here for source.

Our Baguio trip is only short so we tried as much as possible to give our son the best Baguio experience. We had a lot in our itinerary but we end up just biking and boating in Burnham Park.

Biking – P50/hr

Boating- P80-P100/hr

Biking at Burnham Park

Boating at Burnham Park

On our last night we walked around Session Road and ate at Vizco’s; try their Strawberry shortcake, it’s the best! Then we checked-in at The Manor (read my post about The Manor here).

It was Halloween then

Vizco’s strawberry shortcake

We wanted our son to try the horse-back riding activity but I doubt he’ll enjoy it. He only lasts 2 minutes on a carousel, what more on a real horse.

Other places you can visit in Baguio:

1. Mine’s View Park (Please DO NOT take a photo with the St. Bernards)

2. Tam-Awan Village

3. The Mansion

4. Botanical Garden

5. Strawberry Farm (strawberry picking also try the strawberry taho)

7. Wright Park (horse-back riding)

9. The Cathedral

Baguio has changed a lot through the years but it remains as one of Philippines’ favorite destinations. It’s still relatively cooler than Manila even if the traffic has gotten worse and the population probably multiplied 100x. Regardless, Baguio will always have a special place in my heart and I would come back and bring my family anytime.


1. Visit Baguio during off-peak season (March, June-September) there will be less traffic and tourists. But be sure to check the weather as well, rainy season starts around June.

2. Cabs/FX are more efficient and convenient when going around Baguio, in my opinion. They are cheaper (P35 basefare) and the cabs know the places well, you need not ask directions or consult your app. Parking is quite difficult too in different destinations; you might waste plenty of time just to find a good and secure parking slot for your car.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. I think this does not need any reminding if you have a toddler with you.

4. Night time can get pretty chilly. Don’t forget to bring beanies and jackets for your kids.

5. There’s a lot to see and experience around Baguio so make sure to do your research before going. What we did was probably just 1% of the activities you can do there.

6. Don’t forget your camera! Take lots of photos but don’t forget to enjoy the real view.

Enjoy Baguio!


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