Bus Trip to Baguio

It’s one thing to travel with a toddler but to travel with a toddler alone and with a huge hiking bag is a whole new different level. I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker so I chose to experience the latter. And let me add that my son loves to run around and gets excited at the mere sight of kids. Well, I love some challenge.

Weeks before, we bought two (for me and my son) Victory Liner Cubao bus tickets leaving Manila at 7pm but decided instead to travel at an earlier time (9am). We wanted to avoid the flood of people since it’s a long Halloween weekend.

Few tips when going to the bus terminal:

  1. Eat a heavy meal. At stopovers, buy food that’s easy to eat like burgers or fries (cheat day!).
  2. Don’t forget to bring snacks for your kids.
  3. If you have a car and someone to take you to the bus station then that’s good! This is the perfect option; no hassle only heavy traffic.
  4. In our case, no one is available to drive us so we were left with 2 choices: cab (Uber) or MRT. If you don’t mind the heavy traffic, take a cab but if you’re in a hurry, MRT’s faster. Plus, having a toddler with you means you’re a priority (MRT) so you can skip the long line. Just pray no technical problems will happen.
  5. Try as much as possible to keep your hands free so you can hold your toddler firmly.
  6. Secure your belongings. Your attention is on your child so people might take advantage of you. What I did was I put my phone and a few cash on my jeans’ pockets. The more important things (camera and wallet) are inside my bag surrounded with a lot of clothes.
  7. Be patient. Be VERY patient.

A lot of people were travelling and since we were just chance-passengers (leaving earlier than the time indicated on our tickets), it was unlikely we can get two empty seats. We ended up seating beside someone who was (thank you!) kind and didn’t mind my son’s singing voice. 🙂 Tip: when buying bus tickets, choose the best and most comfortable seat for you and your toddler. Buy 2 seats if you have to.

6 hours of travel: My son slept for 2 hours, sang for the next 2 hours and once again, slept going up to Baguio. I’m just so glad that my boy falls asleep instantly inside a car, bus or any vehicle for that matter. I don’t have to worry about him disturbing other passenger or being dizzy.

Additional information: I had my son’s nanny assist me from our house to the bus terminal until we board the bus. It was a huge help. Upon arriving Baguio, my husband fetched us at the bus terminal.

Things to know:

  1. Victory Liner has a bus terminal in Cubao, Quezon City and Pasay City.
  2. The regular trip from Cubao to Baguio costs PHP450/person, travel insurance included. From Pasay, the ticket costs PHP455/person. There will be two stopovers and the trip will take around 6 hours.
  3. Another option is the deluxe trip which is their First Class buses. It has its own restroom because there are no stopovers. Free water and snacks are given and the chairs are more spacious. It also has an electric socket. Tickets from Cubao/Pasay cost PHP750/person and trip will take around 4-5 hours.
  4. To know the schedule of their bus trips, visit Victory Liner website’s Terminal Guide.
  5. There are other buses going to Baguio but I haven’t tried them yet. You can check Genesis/Joy bus and Dagupan Bus.
    Victory Liner Baguio



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