Coron, Palawan


I love travelling! I enjoy taking photos in a new place, walking around town trying to find the best restaurant there is and eating the local cuisine. It’s my favorite way to destress and relax even if it requires flying for an hour or two and a lot of walking. Travelling is what I was born to do (lol!).

My love for exploring is no secret that’s why for my birthday, my husband gave me (or us) a tour to one of the most beautiful islands in the country — Coron! Lucky wife, I know! 🙂 It will be our first time to visit the island and I’m more excited because we’ll be experiencing it with our son.

First day: We arrived at Francisco B. Reyes Airport on May 7 (yes, my birthday) at 4:30PM. It was supposed to be our city tour but since we arrived a bit late we decided to skip it and just relax and check the neighborhood. We checked-in at Balaibinda, it’s a lodge within the town proper. At first I was a bit skeptic getting a hotel away from the beach when you’re in the island for, well, the beach! But after looking around, I have to admit it has one of the best locations; near the best restaurants, stores and other tourist destinations. They also have free breakfast and wifi (in the lobby). So if you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay  in town, check them out. Since it’s my birthday, my husband took us to the best restaurant in Coron (according to TripAdvisor). We ate at Trattoria Altrove which is located just behind our hotel! How convenient! (click the link for more details about Altrove). We had pizza and pasta of course but I regretted not trying their gelatto. Amazing food! No wonder it’s at the top of the list. Afterwards, we decided to walk around and bought gelatto at Pedro’s, it was sooo good especially during this hot weather. One of the best birthdays ever!

Second day: Island hopping day! We were so excited to see the beautiful beaches in Coron and at the same time nervous since it’s our son’s first island hopping experience. What if he gets scared? What if he decided to hate the water and just cry the whole time? What if he feels sick during the boat ride? So many what ifs but we decided to push through, we’ll never know until we try. The van picked  us up at 8 in the morning. We were a joiner meaning we will be touring around with strangers and inside the van there were 8 strangers already, 2 are foreigners. We picked 3 other tourists and drove to the port. This is where the adventure begins! We went to Siete Picados, Kayangan Lake where you have to go up a couple of steps to see the amazing view and to reach the lake, Beach 91 where we had lunch and rest, Skeleton Wreck where a Japanese ship wreck is located, CYC Beach and Twin Lagoon. We had so much fun because our son enjoyed the water so much! We can’t wait to have more beach experiences with him.

Third day: It’s supposed to be a Safari and Island hopping tour but the travel agency said the water is not good and we have to go to Calauit (the Safari) Island via van and a 10-min mini-boat ride which means no island hopping. I was very disappointed. I honestly think that they cancelled the island hopping because there were no available staff since it was Election Day. I didn’t want to ruin the tour so I tried to understand even though we’re already prepared for the swim ( I was wearing a one-piece suit and coverall!). The Safari was nice; it’s as close as we can get to an African Safari. The animals were freely roaming around the 3700 hectare island except for some that are held captive such as the python, porcupine, wild boar and civet cat. The zebras, giraffe, Calamian deer and the elusive antelopes, on the other hand, have the island for themselves. Will post a different blog about this place. After leaving the island, we ate lunch at a local eatery and head back to the hotel. A few minutes before sunset, we headed to Mt. Tapyas which is just a few walks from our hotel. We underestimated the walk up, it reminded us of our Batu Cave experience only with a heavier baby :D. But the view on top was worth it especially while the sun was setting plus it’s a good way to burn everything we ate during our vacation. 🙂

Last day: We have the day all to ourselves so we went to the market to buy some pasalubong such as kasoy and dried fish.

Our Coron trip was by far our best family vacation. Our son enjoyed all the tours and that’s what makes it more fun.


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