Courageous Caitie

For a few weeks now I’ve been following the battle of a courageous, little girl named Caitie or more popularly known as Courageous Caitie. I’ve first read about her through Facebook where one of my friends shared a page about what she’s going through.Her story instantly caught my attention and it breaks my heart to see an innocent little girl go through such pain. Since then, I’ve kept myself updated about Caitie’s progress but today’s update was something a lot of us who have been following her dreaded…

Caitlin Soleil Lucas is a 3-year old girl fighting a rare blood disease called Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, a disease that affects 1 out of a million children aging less than 4 years old. Based on the story in her GoFund campaign, it all started as rashes that looked like mosquito bites which progressed into lesions. Doctors couldn’t give any final diagnosis despite different tests conducted. So Caitie’s parents decided to fly to Singapore hoping to get a better understanding of her illness and that’s when they found out that it was a rare case of leukemia. Treatments were immediately given to Caitie such as chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant was also a future plan. Her family especially her parents never lose hope most importantly now that they know what they are dealing with. They prayed to God for a miracle, for healing and that when they wake up, everything will be back to normal again…. But God has a better plan.

This morning, I received an email update from Caitie’s campaign website: she’s not doing very well; her oxygen is dropping low and her platelet dropped to 1. It saddens me to read these kinds of update and I pray that in the coming days more positive news about her health will be posted. After a few hours, I was surprised to see another email from the campaign. My heart stopped for a while as there has never been more than one update in a day. I tried not to think of anything as I waited for the email to open and the moment I read the update it felt like someone poured ice cold water all over my body; I felt numb. The update read: “It is with a sad heart that i update this page. Today, our little warrior has moved on to the next life. She has fought the good fight. Let us pray for caitie’s family at… ” It didn’t sink in at first until I opened different social media websites and saw heartbreaking photos; her parents hugging her still body and his dad crying uncontrollably as he hold and kiss his little angel. It was too much for me to bear that I started crying and praying to God. How could this happen to such an innocent girl? As I look at the pictures, I just want to hug Caitie or try to wake her up; I want her to keep on fighting, I want her to be healed. But God loves her so much that He chose to end her pain and suffering.

I have never cried so hard about the death of someone I don’t personally know, but somehow, during those weeks I’ve kept myself updated about Caitie, it felt as if I’ve known her and her parents for a very long time. Then it dawned on me as I wipe my tears and try to calm my sobbing; if Caitie’s passing hurts me so much what more would her parents and family be feeling? The pain must be unfathomnable. But I know, because of their strong faith to God and the love and support they’re receiving, they will be able to get through this. Yes, no amount of time will ever erase the pain but the courage, strength and inspiration Caitie has shown all of us despite her young age will forever live in our hearts.


I wish I could see you in person Caitie; to hug you and tell you that we all love you and you’ve touched thousands of our lives across the world. You’ve touched mine in ways I myself could not understand. You fought a great fight. You’ve shown courage and strength way beyond your age and now you’re finally in the arms of Jesus; no more pain and suffering.

Rest well, Courageous Caitie.

*Photos from Caitie’s dad’s IG and Facebook page.


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