My Son’s Flight to Malaysia

The last time we traveled to KL, Malaysia was way back in December 2012 — after our wedding. So when the opportunity came to go back, my husband and I grabbed it!

It was March 2015 and the Holy Week was just around the corner. Holy Week is a celebration of Jesus’ dying on the cross to save us from our sins; to the non-religious, it’s a long holiday. My family and I respect this occasion but we also see it as a chance to get out of the city or country. I remember talking to my mom and telling her about our vacation plans or lack thereof. My husband and I can’t decide where to go. My mom then gave a brilliant suggestion, “Why not come here?” I don’t think I’ve mentioned, my parents and sister used to live in Kuala Lumpur; my dad worked there as an engineer. In other words, going to Malaysia is more convenient than other countries because we have free accommodation (yaaay!). Also, my parents wanted to see their apo  so I called my husband, told him about my mom’s suggestion and the next thing I knew I wash checking Air Asia’s website and we were booked!

This trip will definitely be a memorable one due to the following reasons:

  1. It’s our baby’s first plane ride ever!
  2. It’s our baby’s first international trip.
  3. Our first international trip as a family.
  4. My husband and I will get to experience travelling with a baby. Will our little one be difficult?

Of course I was excited but at the same time nervous. Traveling with a baby is a huge responsibility. There’s  feeding/breastfeeding him, changing diapers, making him calm when he cries. So I did what I have to do. I checked the internet for tips, guides, dos and don’ts when traveling with a baby. I was so happy because I found a lot of great websites and here’s one from Ms. Rica Peralejo.  It’s really amazing how easily you can get information with just a click of a button. Anyway, I also read blogs and forums about the disastrous experiences when traveling with a baby and I prayed to God that we don’t experience those.  I created a checklist of things to bring and made sure everything is complete. I am not that nervous to be honest because I’ll have my mom and husband to help me plus Malaysia is an Asian country so temperature is out of my worry and time-difference is not a problem as well.

The day of our flight came and we arrived very early at the airport. I was a priority since I have a baby with me.  Everything was fast and easy. I was also so happy because our baby was very behaved during the flight. He wasn’t fussy during the takeoff, he slept almost the whole flight and woke up as we were descending but with still enough time for him to appreciate the clouds outside the window. But of course he still reminded me that he is still a baby; our little boy pooped. Yep. Just when I thought everything is going smoothly. Usually it’s my husband’s responsibility to change the diapers but since airplane lavatories are very small, I get to do the lovely task. It was difficult of course but a mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do. Finally, we landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the adventure begins!


Things I learned when travelling with a baby:

1. You’re a priority; you get to cut the line and ride the plane first.

2.Try to lull your baby to sleep when flying. We all know things are easier when our babies are sleeping.

3. If you plan to bring snacks, try not to bring food that would cause a lot of mess. Try vegetable sticks or soft breads.

4. Don’t forget your baby’s toiletries — wipes, alcohol, liquid soap. Just make sure the liquids are less than 100ml.


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