Sometimes God will say no to a good thing because He will give you something much better!

These past few days my body has been acting weird plus I’m a couple of days delayed already. I was a bit doubtful at first because it’s normal for me to be delayed, still I decided to buy a pregnancy test. The result was a little bit confusing because as far as I know getting one line means negative and getting two solid lines shout pregnant — well, at least 99.9%. But what I got was one solid line and one faint line. So am I pregnant or not? Unfortunately, that question haunted me for days because I didn’t get to visit my OB and I’m due to travel to the mountains the next day. After a few days with still no sign of my period, I decided to go to the nearest city and buy two PT kits just to be sure. Both tests gave me a positive result which means I may be having our first child but I still can’t confirm until I visit the OB and see the ultrasound. I checked the OB in one of the hospitals but she’s not available on that day. How lucky of me! And by the way, I haven’t told my husband about it yet.

We will be celebrating our first anniversary this month and what better gift to give than a positive pregnancy kit. When our anniversary came, I was nervous; I didn’t know how I’m going to tell my husband. Instead, I just gave him his original gift and decided to tell him later. While he’s in the office, I wrote a letter that said to look under his pillow where I hid the PT. That night, after reading the letter and seeing the tests his reaction was something I did not expect. He didn’t believe it and thought it was a joke. It took me some time to convince him; in the end, he was beyond excited to be a dad.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan because sometimes what we want isn’t always the best thing for us. Ever since I lost my job I’ve been praying for a new one, hopefully before 2013 ends and so far God has been telling me to wait. And yes I’m waiting patiently. After a few months, He did answer my prayers only in a different way. He gave me and my husband something that would keep me busy for a long time; something that no other job can ever give me the experiences that I’m about go through. A job that no high paying job can ever beat — being a mother.

Pregnancy Tests showing positive results
Pregnancy Tests showing positive results

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