A Trip to The Land Down Under

Australia’s one of the countries I would really like to visit. And when my husband was sent there by the company last year September, I was excited for him and hopeful that maybe someday I will have my turn to go there.

I didn’t have to wait that long. Early this year, our boss was giving me and my colleague hints that we might go to Australia for a training. Of course, I got excited but I told myself to not expect otherwise I’ll just be disappointed. Soon a bunch of emails was exchanged between our boss and the big bosses, as well as people in Australia who will be in-charge with our accommodation and training. And by mid-May, everything was ready except for our visas and tickets. 5 days had passed then a week and still no news whether our visas were approved or not. I was beginning to get anxious but was still positive. Then the fateful day arrived; our boss approached us and revealed the good news. Approved!!! Me and my colleague were so happy we were jumping up and down like a kid.  I’m going to Australiaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 🙂

Our travel day arrived and I end up having one trolly-suitcase, a hiking backpack and a shoulder bag. We were informed that it was Autumn and will be winter in a few days so I brought some jackets and scarves. Gosh, my first winter ever but minus the snow.

Our stopover was in Hong Kong. Then it will be around 8 hours to Perth, Australia.

One of our colleagues who is based in Perth fetched us at the Airport and since our first day was a free day, he and his family showed us around. And I was speechless, Perth is so beautiful! 🙂

IMG_9101_edited IMG_9131_edited IMG_9164_edited IMG_9184_edited

IMG_9176_edited IMG_9250_edited

Australia is a must visit country. The people are kind and friendly, the food is great, the views are breathtaking and so much more.  There wasn’t a time where we just stayed in the hotel. We rode the train and visit every place we can during our stay. The cost of living might be expensive but if I had a choice, I would want to visit that country again, maybe the Eastern side next time.

Anyway, see you soon mate! 🙂


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