Bucket List: Learn a New Language

An addition to my Bucket List: Learn a New Language.

As of today, I only know two languages; my native language which is Filipino (Philippines represent!) and one is, obviously, English.  The question is what language do I want to learn?

When I was in high school, I learned a few french words and can speak, read and understand a little french. Unfortunately, I didn’t take that subject seriously so I never become fluent. But at least now I have the chance to refresh myself and learn more.

But no. I didn’t choose French, I chose Espanol.

Why? One is I think it’s easier to learn this language since there are a lot of spanish words incorporated in my native language, so I’m assuming (and hoping) that Espanol wouldn’t be that hard. Second, my boss is Ecuadorian and I think it’ll be fun talking to her in Spanish.

So far, I’ve been learning online for two days.

Fingers-crossed. Hope after a few weeks I’d get to cross this out of my Bucket List.

Hasta luego! 🙂


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