Bucket List


There are just so many things I want to do; from something as simple as watching the fireworks in Sydney or Paris on New Year’s Eve to an extreme skydiving or bungee jumping experience.

So far, here is my list:

1. Visit the 7 continents before turning 30. ( I’m 26)

Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Antarctica<– who knows?

2.  Sky dive! 

3. Bungee Jump!

4. Go to a Casino, bet and win!   Went to Perth Crown Casino in Australia last May 2013.We started at $20 and went home with $250! My next stop would be in Las Vegas!

5. Win the lottery. This will solely depend on my lucky star.

6. Learn how to surf.

7. Learn how to drive. 

8. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower.

9. Watch the fireworks in Sydney on New Year.

10. Celebrate Christmas in a foreign land.  Last year me and my family celebrated Christmas in Malaysia but of course they don’t actually celebrate it there since most of them are Muslims. Still, at least, I was able to get the feeling of Christmas in a different country.

11. Walk/Run at The Great Wall of China.

12. Watch the Olympics live! We’ll see on 2016. 🙂

13. Watch a concert of my favorite band. I want to see the concert of Maroon 5 or The Script!

14. See (or climb) Mt. Everest.

15. Go to a Safari in Africa.

16. Swim in Hawaii’s famous beach.  Hopefully, next year.

17. Donate a huge amount to a charity. 

18. Complete a marathon.

19. Learn to dive and be a certified diver.

20. Jump from a cliff into deep water.

21. See the Great Pyramid.

And the list goes on…I can still think of thousands of things I want to do but I’ll leave it to 21, for now.

I’m pretty sure you have a looooong bucket list too. Feel free to share them, if you want to. 🙂


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