Living in the Mountains

In my job, living away from home is almost always expected unless the workplace is just a few kilometers away. In my case, I’m one of those who has to travel hours or ride a plane to get to work.

For the past 3 years and 10 months, I have spent most of my time in the mountains; away from the metro which I call home that every time I travel back, it feels more like I’m going away rather than going back home. I spend 3 weeks straight on site (or work) and 1 week in the city. We don’t have holidays or any days-off for 3 weeks. Whether it’s Independence Day or Christmas Day, if these holidays fall on your 3 weeks on site then you’ll have to work. Doesn’t sound like a pretty appealing job, does it?  It’s just a matter of getting used to, actually. Plus I haven’t mentioned the perks yet but I’ll just mention one.

We are not spending a single cent for 3 weeks!

Yes. Our food and accommodation are all paid by the company. It’s a good start to save money.

And living in the mountains isn’t that bad. I’m pretty sure those who are residents would agree. First, the scenery is just breathtaking! The trees, the clouds that kiss the peak of the mountains, the countless stars at night; you’ll never get to see much of these in the city. The amazing food and people that offers a taste of their culture. The fresh air and cool temperature which gives your cheek a slight pinkish tint. And my favorite is the simplicity of life in the mountains; no traffic or malls or tall buildings.

Now doesn’t that sound much better?

Here’s a peek of of my second home, the mountains.

Parked Car
Road amidst the trees
Houses in the Mountain

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